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At Arkon Data Solutions we offer data solutions which encompass the discovery, design and execution of initiatives to take advantage of the information generated by your company. With data extraction, transformation and analysis methods, we optimize decision-making, improve processes and deliver solutions for your organization’s growth.

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Our data management


Data Integration

We generate data extractions regardless of its source, transform information to improve its quality, connect different data lakes with the help of pipelines and achieve successful Cloud migrations.

Master Data Management

We identify the most relevant data of your company, creating a single source of truth, unifying data across multiple departments, architectures, platforms and applications.

Data Governance

We enable permissions to control access to information without losing the visibility of it, and also give you the power to control access levels to it.

Advanced Analytics

We generate predictions and suggestions for future actions based on deep knowledge of your data.

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What makes

us different?

Enhanced support

We guide you through the design and development of unique solutions with particular attention to the needs of your company.

Results on time

We align our goals to your company’s and provide solutions that always deliver results on time.

Team of data experts

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers and data scientists are trained to find the best solutions for your organization.

Benefits of

Arkon Data Solutions

Improved decision-making

Your data is the most important indicator for making decisions and we help you take advantage of it through its analysis, transformation and validation.

Optimization of resources and processes

We identify your organization’s needs to optimize and leverage data processes to achieve goals with the right use of your resources.

Help Desk 24/7

Our team provides technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We monitor each process and ensure the proper Data Management.

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increment in data catalog productivity

By using Arkon Data Platform, our clients have increased its productivity by 6,000% in their business and data processes for catalog management applications.


faster cloud migration

Our migration solutions have delivered quality results which are 45X faster than top-tier technology consultant firms.


faster reports

By integrating our solutions with Oracle OCI, our customers are able to generate reports 10X faster than before.

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1 Discover

Understand the technical and business landscape that allows the design of a robust product that is well aligned with the resources, the operation and the prioritization of identified opportunities.

2 Design

Product design (pipelines, models, consumption) attending to the needs of the business, operation and technical implementability based on the discoveries of the previous stage.

3 Delivery

Iterative testing and adjustment cycle with the design phase until a validated product is achieved based on feedback from the operation and the efficiency of the results.

4 Deploy

Vertical or horizontal expansion of the validated product based on the discoveries and technical and business definitions of the previous phases.

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