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Streamline your

Data Management

in one place

Arkon Data is a Web App that allows companies to take control of their data and processes. With a robust infrastructure and user-friendly design, you’ll be able to integrate and manage all your information in one place.

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of Arkon Data Platform

Gather your information in one place

Forget about accessing your information from different sources and get a 360° view of your data.

Optimize business processes

Streamline your business processes with our easy to use Business Process Workflow Engine designed to organize and map processes from different areas.

Support team

Our platform is enhanced with the solutions and consultancy provided by Arkon Data Solutions data experts.

Control information access

Define access level of your resources and manage the actions that users can perform with them with our robust governance tools.

Achieve your business goals

Improve the performance and rentability of your business operations through Data-driven decisions.

User centered

Build and manage business processes and Data Management in an intuitive way, accompanied at all times by our team of professionals.

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Our data

management tools

Arkon Data is a platform that will streamline the Data Management of your company, providing the tools you need to translate data and information into valuable insights for decision-making.

Data Governance

Arkon Data’s data governance platform provides valuable metadata about your resources for greater insight and their understanding, it also achieves proper Data Management to gain data visibility while controlling access, which means a higher value to the organization.

Business Process Workflow Engine

Arkon Data’s Business Process Workflow Engine allows you to diagram business processes, map out communications and link information so it is always consistent. Coding knowledge is not needed to create diagrams, instead, you simply drag and drop the icons you need from a predefined library onto your workspace.

Data Ops

Data Ops is a tool that allows building data pipelines through the entire business. With this tool you can bring your data from different sources and platforms, prepare it and make it available for consumption.

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The technology we rely on:

You can rest easy knowing that with our data and process interoperability platform, we integrate and develop the right technology to solve any eventuality in your data initiatives.

What do our

Users Say

“With Arkon Data platform, we enable the internal ability to form Citizen Developers at our company, who are able to manage processes on their own, which is increasing productivity exponentially”

– Director of Processes and Service Management, International CPG Company.

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